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We are proud to have successfully operated our Hotels and hosted our guests with absolute safety. We dedicate this achievement to our employees and our beloved guests who entrusted us with their holidays.

We have been and will continue working systematically behind the scenes to prepare the 2022 opening of our hotels & resorts looking forward to welcoming back our beloved guests in absolute safety.

We are constantly updating, according to National Public Health Organizations and World Health Organization protocols and hygiene directives, implementing health and safety education along with training programs for our employees.


Deep clean of the room and comprehensive disinfecting of the space, while guests also have the option of further disinfecting any parts of the room they wish themselves.

Provision of antiseptics and single-use masks.

Strict observation of social distancing

Avoidance of handshakes, antiseptics and gloves available in all shared spaces.


Mandatory certification of good health required from all staff members, and adherence to personal hygiene protocols.

Mandatory use of face masks by all staff members.


Our tourist accommodations have an action plan to manage any possible or confirmed cases among guests or staff.

Collaboration with a medical centre and ambulance service for the testing, isolation and transportation of possible cases.

Close to us

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The Lighthouse

the Egyptian Lighthouse, in the heart of the Venetian port is the jewel of the city, its most photographed monument. It is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world that survives today.

Cathedral of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary

It is located in the middle of Halidon Street in Old Town, during the Turkish occupation was turned into a soap factory and took its present form in 1860.
the Church has been related to the fate, life and history of the city and has been recognized as one of the most remarkable historical monuments of Crete.

It is a 3-minute walk from your suite.

Jewish Synagogue (Etz Hayyim)

Opening your back balcony door, overlooks the Etz Hayyim Synagogue, the only remaining synagogue in Crete. It marks that the Jewish community of the city of Chania played an important role in the social and commercial life of the city.